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Finding a Good School for Your Kids

If you have a family, one of the primary concerns for you when you move within South Florida is education. You want to find schools that are safe for your children to attend and will help develop their skills that they will need later in life. So how do you find a school that best fits your needs?

First, start with word of mouth. Asking parents that live in the area is a great beginning. Most parents know about area schools and can tell you the pros and cons of various schools and districts.

Second, when considering a specific school, you can utilize the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) to get more details about the individualized attention within a school and the mix of students attending.

Third, look up news stories online. A cursory examination online for references to a specific school will quickly show if any red flags are raised, such as drugs or violence. Likewise, such a search will accentuate positive aspects, such as awards and recognition.

Fourth, ask your realtor. They deal with this question all the time. While they may be motivated to get you to buy, there isn't an incentive to push one neighborhood as opposed to another.
Finding a Good School (cont'd)

Lastly, actually go to the schools. Most schools will accommodate prospective students' parents and show them around. Ask pertinent questions and show an interest. Administration is most likely to be cooperative to parents who take an active role in their children.

Good questions include the student/teacher ratio, are there special facilities, are there advanced programs/remedial programs, what extra-curricular programs are there and what emphasis is placed on them, what curriculum is offered and what is the reading list, what is the primary language of most students, how much support is provided by the school district and how well maintained is the equipment, and if they could change one thing, what would it be?

These questions (and more) will help you get a real sense for the school and the educational possibilities.

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